Wireless Ricevitore Adattatore Audio da Digitale Ad Analogico Audio Converter Bluetooth Trasmettitore Ottico RCA a 3.5 mm Adattatore Jack
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100% nuovo di zecca e di alta qualità

Ricevitore Bluetooth trasmettitore & digitale a fibra coassiale converter

Supporto in fibra di interfaccia e 3,5 mm AUX interfaccia

APTX-HD decodifica HD ripristina CD a livello di suono ad alta fedeltà di qualità

Bluetooth 5.0 chip di trasmissione è più veloce e più stabile

Segnale digitale in un segnale analogico in fibra di ingresso coassiale per segnale di uscita da 3,5 mm

Può essere collegato a TV, computer, cellulare, stereo, amplificatore e altre attrezzature per realizzare la trasmissione wireless


Bluetooth: 5.0

Protocollo: A2DP, AVRCP

Ingresso: AVX fibra ottica coassiale Bluetooth

Uscita: RCA AVX Bluetooth

Compatibilità: Android, IOS, telefono cellulare, tablet, TV, etc.

Pacchetto Incluso:


Manuale *1

Cavo di ricarica*1

Linea coassiale*1

Due-a-due audio lotus cavo*1

  • Supporto Ad Alta Definizione: 1080P
  • Supporto: Dropshipping E Ingrosso
  • Standard wi-FI: NESSUNO
  • Tipo Wireless: Bluetooth
  • Contenuto: Audio&Video
  • Marca: DigRepair
  • Certificazione: CE
  • Traccia Audio: Doppio
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Interfaccia: USB

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Promised to deliver in 4-10 days, came in 18. The seller gave first one track-no movement, then the second one-similar. I wrote to the seller-there is no answer, I already wanted to open a dispute. The device itself is cute, it works on the transmission, quite powerful-Sony's headphones work through 2 walls without stuttering, sound good. But my sound bar Blaupunkt ls175 caught up, but the sound is terrible-wheezes. I picked up two other devices, including a cheap whistle-the sound is normal. I picked up two different headphones to kebidu-they work without complaints. And with each other-Laja. I don't know where to dig, the protocols are the same. And I took it in fact that I would connect the sound bar to the TV and the scrap. :-( The device tried to connect to AUX and optics, works in both versions. I did not check the reception, because. I don't have to.
Very happy with my order is just what I wanted
A mess, I had to dispute because I got messed up, they promised to send another one if I withdrew dispute, I removed it but they didn't send or answer messages, luckily I was able to reopen the dispute and aliexpress refund me all the amount, but the faral seller.
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